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Clarke and Brian 2018 Nominees, BCABHOF

MCLELLAN and ZELLEY Nominated for 2018

nominees 2018
BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nanaimo Boxing names and faces

Nanaimo Names and Faces in Boxing:

George Nepper, Terry Lewis, Brian Zelley, Bob Lewis, Alan Windecker, and Mike Lazare.
Mike Lazare was Bronze Gloves and Emerald Gloves champion.

Vancouver Island Boxing Championships * 1964
Two champions from Nanaimo
Brian Zelley and  Gilles Nepper.

Leo Rock, Chris Balatti, Gilles Nepper,
Leon Nepper, Roger Nepper and Brian Zelley.
                       1963 to 1968
Chris Balatti, Ted Balatti, Kelly Barrows, Ken
Barker, Wayne Barnes, Gerry Budzinski, 
Joe Buxton, Murray Glover, Tony James, 
Rick Johnson, Bob Lewis, Terry Lewis,

Mike Lazare, Larry McFadden, K√©ith McPherson, 
Ken Maughan, Npper brothers, Al Ranger, Leo Rock,Ken Stant, Gene Tait, Rick Tait, Alan Windecker, and Brian Zelley.

Founders of the Nanaimo Boxing Club
in 1971 Dan Wright and Brian Zelley
(photo from 2009 at the Greater Victoria
Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony).

The videos reresent a cross section
of Nanaimo boxing images
between 1964 and 2010
some of the names have been
mentined in the narrative above
but there have been other folks
as included in the various videos 
including one of Bob Pegues.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nanaimo Boxing images

Nanaimo Boxing Photo Parade: By Brian Zelley
The images help to record a record, and when added with narrative it becomes a story within the boxing history.

To personal the story, the photos 
to the side are some of my own 
But each one of them tells a 
piece of the story about the
Newcastle Boxing club in the
sixties and the Nanaimo
boxing club in the seventies.

Newcastle Boxing Club:
The Newcastle Boxing club was founded by George Nepper
in 1963 in Nanaimo and the first training site was at the
Mewcastle Hotel basement.

Some of the coaches were Harry Pollitt, George
Nepper, Skimp Williams,  and Roger Nepper
and various others for a brief period such as
Gerry Sorensen.

(photo: Jules Nepper).

1964 First year of ring activity.

Some of the early boxers for the club were
Leo Rock, Chris Balatti, Gilles,
Leon and Roger Nepper and Brian Zelley.
Two others were Jules Nepper and Mike Lazare.

Our first two champions were
Brian Zelley and Gilles Nepper.

Mike  Lazare
1964 Bronze Gloves Champion
and 1965 Emerald Gloves Champion.
George Nepper
founder and manager
Coach Nepper with some of tye boxers
including Terry Lewis, Bob Lewis, 
Brian Zelley and Alan Windecker

Videos including the
Newcastle Boxing club in 
The Sixties,

The above video also covers part of the 
Nanaimo Boxing club journey .

Nanaimo Boxing Club
founded in 1971

Monday, June 29, 2015